Dingle Sea Salt Refil Pouch


Refill your ceramic jar sustainably with Dingle Sea Salt 100g refill pouches.

With plant-based lining, our plastic-free refill pouch is made from 100% compostable materials.

Because our refill pouch is plastic free, once received, please transfer the contents straight into an air-tight sealed jar to keep your sea salt fresh and dry.

Kindly return your packaging to the earth by placing the empty pouch into your compost bin.


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The Dingle Peninsula’s rugged coastline balances rawness with beauty. Here, the Atlantic Ocean meets the coast at times with great ferocity – the provenance of our sea salt.

Our sea salt is 100% pure & unrefined – no additives, no anti-caking agents, no bleaching agents.

Our natural evaporation slowly preserves the ocean’s elements, creating a mineral-rich sea salt crystal with a robust tang & sweet finish.

Our source waters contain an abundance of naturally occurring trace minerals & elements, derived from the pristine & nutrient-rich waters surrounding the Dingle Peninsula. Refined table salts typically strip these essential trace minerals during processing. Dingle Sea Salt remains high in potassium, with lower levels of sodium than standard table salts.

Benefits from potassium in a diet may include relief from high blood pressure, disorders affecting the heart & kidneys, as well as benefiting muscle strength, electrolytic functions & the nervous system. Lowering sodium intake can support healthier blood pressure, which can reduce the risks from stroke & heart disease.



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