Yogandha Balance Roll-On Oil


Roll-on Balance oil with Jasmine and Cypress by Yogandha

Use balance Roll-on directly on pulse-points as a mood-managing mindful fragrance

  • Apply when you need to balance mind and body, particularly hormonally.
  • Has an immediate effect on the pituitary gland.
  • Use at the end of the working day, to switch your mindset to the evening.
  • Apply directly to facemasks to enhance calming, smell and experience


Made in Ireland

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Jasmine is quintessentially feminine, spiritual yet aphrodisiac, yin and yang, deeply balancing – particularly hormonally. cypress balances fluids in the body. clary sage balances the pituitary gland – the master gland of the body and myrrh grounds us. 


  • Apply to temples, neck and wrists when you need balance, particularly hormonally. you will find yourself in a new state of mind.
  • Chakra: this oil has an affinity with the swadisthana (sacral) chakra.
  • Mantra: vyanam dhehi (may the circulating energy be nourished).

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