Bird Boxes at The Coach House Dingle
Bird Boxes at The Coach House Dingle
Bird Boxes at The Coach House Dingle

As we know the outside of our homes is as important to us as the inside and with the summer approaching we are beginning to focus on getting out gardens & patios looking smart & colourful to enjoy in the season ahead. Well we have just the range for you to do just that & they are such a delight. Not only will you want one of these pieces but your neighbours & visitors will want one too! They really are the ideal new home git or the perfect gift for any gardener.

Wildlife gardening is all about working with the balance of nature to enhance your garden to attract birds, bees & butterflies. We have just the range of beautifully crafted nesting bird boxes, bee boxes & butterfly hibernation boxes at The Coach House to boost the harvest of your flowers & fruit trees. Not only do these pretty pieces give nature a helping hand but they really add colour & kerb appeal to any garden.

Bird Nesting boxes & Feeders

The combined nesting box & feeder is built in the style of a Scandanavian cottage & comes in 3 colours. It is designed with the aid of ornithological experts resulting in a handcrafted house constructed in solid wood which is weather treated in environmentally friendly paints.  There are feeding windows in the bottom of the house, where small birds can easily find food that is well protected from rain. It is designed so that large birds cannot get to the food, nor can it be contaminated by droppings. 

Bird Boxes at The Coach House Dingle

Butterfly Boxes

Who doesn’t want a garden full of butterflies I ask! These weather treated attractive boxes should be places in a wind free place in the garden where there are plants with plenty of bushes or nectar that attract butterflies. By filling it with bark you create an environment where butterflies like to sleep.

Bee Boxes

A bee box in any garden will boost the harvest of your flowers & fruit trees. This bee box is designed for solitary bees, a bee that has no poisonous sting making it harmless to humans & that works har to pollinate your plants.  With a reduction in natural habitats you can increase the number of bees in your garden by putting up a bee box & the solitary bee will pollinate berry bushes & fruit trees.

So go on & give Mother Nature a helping hand this summer & get your garden buzzing!


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